A house that has been destroyed by a catastrophic fire.


Cat Team, Inc., a full-service call center company, offers a variety of solutions to businesses, organizations and customers. Our services allow your brand to supply 24/7 customer service and support. We specialize in after-hours insurance claims for catastrophic damage. Our motivation, driven by the needs of our clients, consistently helps us provide quality customer service, technical support and answering services. We will help you insure that your business stays operational during a crisis or any catasphrophic disaster.

As a young business, Cat Team, Inc. strives to be innovative and aggressive to provide high-quality call center services customized to exactly what our clients need and expect. We offer our customers a level of personalization that can rarely be matched by our competitors, combining service options that fit both your call volume and your business.

Features of Cat Team, Inc. include:

Twenty-four-hour customer care

Bilingual employees

E-commerce Order Taking

Live Web Chat

Customer Aquisition and Retention

Multi-channel Care Solutions

Industry-leading technology